Thursday, October 1, 2015

To: Cricket Wireles. From: An upset customer; Paying for service I am not receiving.

As a relatively new customer to your service, I was thrilled with your pricing, etc. But it seems that that comes a cost. A cost that is seemingly too high. The cost of reliability.
I have been unable to receive incoming calls or text messages for a week, at least. I Do not know exactly when this issue started because everything seemed fine on my end. I could place outgoing calls and *send* text messages, but not get any replies in turn.
When I realized that I was having an issue I called your tech support. Your people were very friendly, and utterly unhelpful. After several protracted phone calls, I was finally told that the issue *must* lie with my phone, and was transferred out to Motorola, so they could assist me.

Not understanding how the issue could possibly be my phone, yet driven by a need to solve the issue, I spent the next 5 hours dealing with them, in the end factory resetting my phone, and being forced to spend many hours rebuilding my contacts lists, apps, etc.
Only I still had no service.
After several *additional* calls to your tech support over the course of two days, I was finally told that "oh, the cell tower you are using is down for maintenance, and has been for days." When I asked how much longer it was going to be down I was assured that it would "Only" be down for an *additional* two days. Upon asking, I was informed that I could get an allowance to reimburse me for the gap in my service.  It would be roughly 4-6% off my bill. How utterly underwhelming.

That was three days ago. And I still don't have service.
 To say that this has negatively impacted my view of your company would be a vast understatement. As an individual counting on your company I have already missed being able to talk to my sister on her birthday, had dinner plans with numerous friends fall apart, and I know not what else.
As the sole operator of a small business, I don't even know *how much*  business I have lost. A single missed contract can cost me an entire month's living wages. In the past week I sent out numerous bids to potential customers, and my phone is absolutely vital to communicate with my customers. Can you imagine if you suddenly lost access to *your* phone? And I have no doubt that you have secretaries, and multiple phone lines to help you.

I look forward to hearing from you.
C.W.Holeman III