Monday, August 30, 2010


Truth without love is like a naked singularity. Alone, if you get too close, it will tear you to shreds, leaving essentially nothing. 

With love, truth is (again like a singularity) an incredible, almost unending source of power.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tree Hugging Dribble

I had to calculate my carbon foot print for a health (!) class and come up with five ways to reduce it. I had so much fun, I decided to do a few extra. I post my list, as I turned it in, here:

I have a carbon footprint of about 7.4 tons a year, about 1/3 the national average, and I've never even given it a thought. Most of the reason for this low number is due to the fact that I lead a (relatively) simple life due to religious convictions and common sense, along with a a good dose of frugality. These are some of the potential changes I've come up with:

1. Move to a smaller house (The 392 square foot place I'm in now is just so big. I would, but you can't build a legal house with a smaller footprint.)
2. Use zero cooling instead of a swamp cooler (which uses 1/2 the electricity of an air conditioner)
3. Take more online classes to reduce driving (I would but I always take the online option if it's available, so this one's an you, [name of school].)
4. I could drive a Tata Nano (I would, but the state of California won't let me, or anyone else, because they think the Nano is too dangerous for it's occupants - and they have decided not to lat me make my own choice in the matter of my personal safety, thinking they can live my life for me better than I can.)
5. I could jump off a cliff before I get married and have children ["Basically, too many people are the problem" -- One of the instructors, today, Aug. 2010] (But that's obviously poor idea: I don't get to decide when I die, that's God's job.)
6. I could disconnect my tankless water heater, and just use cold water.
7. I could throw away my bread machines and make my bread purely by hand, and cook it in an "eco-oven."
8. I could also buy 100 lb. sacks of flour, instead of 50 lb. sacks to reduce packaging.