Monday, September 17, 2007


After returning from a two week vacation (see "San Fransisco") I have found few things that are equal in their relaxation value as a thousand acre fire threatening your home. Follow me as I guide you in a photo tour of my weekend. All these photos/videos were taken from my grandpa's porch. Only a hundred yards or so from my house.

Doing a little smoking.

Might as well enjoy the air show, right?

I love water, don't you?

A chopper on the way out.

Some folks missing a few marbles. (Click image for a more details.)

A wee bit close for comfort.

I'm not sure if this was comforting or terrifying. (Click to play.)

My brother took this one.

Yet another fly by. (Yippy!)

Later that night.

I took seval hundred more pictures, but these give you the idea.